Your Visit

What to expect at your visit

At Colon and Rectal Associates of Arkansas, it is our goal to provide excellent professional service and to make your visit with us as satisfying and comfortable as possible.

When you arrive, please check in with our receptionist.  If it is your first visit, you will be asked to complete paperwork prior to seeing your doctor.  Please have all your insurance information and medication list with you when you come for a visit.

Click here to obtain copies of forms that you can print and fill out prior to your appointment.

While we make every effort to meet all of our scheduled appointments, it is sometimes difficult to predict exactly how much time a patient’s care will require.  Occasionally delays and interruptions can occur.  When delays arise, you will be notified as soon as possible.

The physician at Colon and Rectal Associates of Arkansas is assisted by a medical assistant who will greet and help you prepare for your visit with the doctor.

You are an important participant in your own healthcare.  Our doctor at Colon and Rectal Associates of Arkansas places a high priority on doctor-patient communication and helping ensure you are an effective member of your healthcare team.

Colon and Rectal Associates of Arkansas provides comprehensive diagnostic, medical and operative care.  We are also committed to providing the healthcare answers and options that you and your family need.

At the conclusion of your visit, a copy of the charges incurred at your visit will be made available to you.

If you are scheduled for surgery, you will be asked to meet with a scheduler who will help acquaint you with requirements before surgery, the hospital routine, and what you and your family might expect post-operatively.

She will also go over your insurance benefits and the estimated portion you will be responsible to pay.  You are encouraged to pay this amount in full or set up payment arrangements before you leave the office.